Below are to-do lists that I use in the process of planning. These live in my Trello Travel Board, which I highly recommend creating if you are also crazy.

Lists to keep in your Trello Travel Board:

Broad planning for each trip:

I don’t have time to mentor as much as I’d like. SOOOO here is a bunch of advice for people in D.C./politics/policy/non-profits, and more!

Big lesson: What you end up doing every single day > any title or any glamour.

  1. Find what work you like to do. And what you don’t.

Do you think you want to run for government office today? Intern or work on a campaign. Grassroots matters for all campaigns, so if you don’t like meeting lots of people, going door to door, etc. It’s probably not for you. But if you’re a really good writer, for…

Rather than create an unnecessary website, here are a bunch of links and stuff about me.

Sign up for my newsletter. It includes occupational licensing reform, sloths, pigs, unenumerated rights, and whatever else I want.

Find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Giphy, 👗 Spoonflower, 📸 Shutterstock, and Zazzle.

💼 I am the Senior Manager of Digital Media and a policy Fellow at the R Street Institute in Washington, D.C. Basically, I manage our social media, email marketing, graphics, etc., and they let me nerd on my pet issues as I please. See my R Street profile page and a list of…

Every three months or so, I dye my hair 7 colors. Here’s how:

* A quick note — bleaching and dyeing a small section of your hair one or two colors is a good way to get used to dyeing your hair. I had dyed mine for about ten years before I attempted the following.

1. I was inspired to do rainbow hair after seeing this post: Rainbow Connection: I Tried Sand Art Hair.

I was a big fan because of the technique and color combination, in part because it included no yellow — and I look like Draco Malfoy…

In large part because I love tweeting thoughtful passages from books I’m reading, many have asked me for my reading list. Below is a small portion of books I’ve read and am planning to read, broken down by topic (and twitter handle added for some). My scholarly paper/SSRN reading list is at the very bottom. These are my favorites/ones I expect to be my favorite.


Republicans have long ignored cities. The reasons why are mainly false premises.

What unites the GOP in principle includes free markets, the Constitution, and the promise of opportunity. These are principles too often absent from the leadership of city governments.

It’s no wonder — few Republicans hold elected office in cities. Only 13 of America’s 50 biggest cities have Republican mayors, and only 3 of the biggest 25.

It’s not because city governments have been perfected by Democrats — they haven’t. Or because people don’t want competitive leadership — they do.

To understand why, I’ll note a personal experience to…

A lot of people ask me how I get so much work done. So I figured I’d explain how I’ve learned to be ridiculously efficient. I don’t always follow all these rules, but the closer I follow them, the more work I get done.

Rule 1) Organize everything

Until about a year ago, all my to-do lists were in Google docs. It worked OK, until I had 1 doc linking to 7 other 19-page docs. That wasn’t working.

I switched over to Trello which is LIFE-CHANGING. DO IT. I have a board for every job/side-project on which I’m working. I also have one for…

Those who know me know of my affection for #Baesich or “#SassyKasich.” I’ve learned that many, however, are unaware why and whether or not I’m being serious. Here, I hope to clarify both uncertainties.

First, John Kasich is ridiculous. He’s part moderate Republican and part sassy teenager.

I first realized Kasich was sassy in September:

Kasich takes the ordinary issues and daily life way past normal. In the above quote, there was zero need for him to say what he did, but he did. And that’s sassy. And atypical of a politician. And kind of amazing.

Same goes…

An article in Social Media Today talks about what teens are looking for in social media platforms—notably, potential for anonymity and less social pressure.

Many are unhappy with social pressures of some platforms:

According to the Pew research Center, 39% of teens on social media say they feel pressure to post content that will be popular and get lots of comments or likes, and 40% report feeling pressure to post only content that makes them look good to others.

These and other pressures have led to the rise of “micro-communities.”

Users are able to create bonds and friendships with other…

Shoshana Weissmann

Head digital media @RSI & policy fellow: Occupational licensing reform, SCOTUS, §230, social media regulation. Also in @FedSocRTP. Sewing📍#PeakBagger🏔

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