• Favorite leggings: Solid black seems to be the sturdiest but all are fine if you’re not sliding down rocks on your butt
  • Hiking boots + stretchy lock laces [my normal non-locked laces kept getting caught in the other shoe which made me fall LOL]
  • Boot covers for deep snow or water [lesson learned the hard way]
  • Water shoes [to change into for trails with water crossings/Zion’s Narrows]
  • Scree shoes [called “approach shoes.” I was struggling hard on scree until I got these. Don’t waste using them on normal hikes. Save them for when you’re climbing scree that falls out from under you as you walk.]
  • Socks
  • Beanie
  • Rain/sun hat
  • Jacket [TBH if I could buy again I’d get something longer bc I mostly use for rain]


  • Bear spray! I’ve never had to use it BUT CAME CLOSE, so I can’t recommend a brand. You can find it online but you can’t fly with it. You don’t need it everywhere, but I was glad to have it in Glacier NP and Grant Teton NP. For anywhere else, just research to see if you need it.
  • Poles [these fold up REALLY small and are super durable] and replacement tips
  • Water bottle with filter
  • 3L water bladder — and a repair kit if you need
  • Water pump with filter [for longer hikes/hikes with fewer water sources to refill the bladder]
  • Athletic tape and knee protection
  • Backpack
  • Travel bug spray
  • Lip balm — My lips get REALLY dry at high elevation. This is the best I’ve used. And at sea level I never need it.
  • Bear bells
  • SPF 70 for high and exposed hikes
  • Blister patches: Your feet will thank you. These have come in handy so many times. You never know when a part of your shoe will start rubbing your foot wrong or a long hike gives you blisters. These help enormously.


  • AllTrails pro: Check if they have the hikes you want, and if so lifetime pro is worth it. You can download maps offline and use them to guide you. I’ve only seen a lack of trails outside the U.S. Within, it’s pretty comprehensive.
  • Travel charging cord
  • Travel car charger

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