Rather than create an unnecessary website, here are a bunch of links and stuff about me.

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💼 I am the Senior Manager of Digital Media and a policy Fellow at the R Street Institute in Washington, D.C. Basically, I manage our social media, email marketing, graphics, etc., and they let me nerd on my pet issues as I please. See my R Street profile page and a list of my policy work (or, just my work; just media mentions). I also serve on board of The Conservation Coalition, YoungVoices, and White Coat Waste and am an expert member of the Federalist Society’s Regulatory Transparency Working Group for state and local policy.

👩‍⚖️ Also I turned every past Supreme Court confirmation hearing into searchable, sortable data because YOLO.

💌 Also I’ll probably speak at your event or on your podcast or whatever if you ask — sweissmann [at] rstreet.org.

🖋 I write mostly on occupational licensing reform, courts, regulatory reform, criminal justice reform, and social media policy for: The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, National Review, The Bulwark, The Week, The New Atlantis, The Weekly Standard (additional link here), Washington Post, National Affairs, Reason (additional link here), LA Times, Washington Examiner, Governing, New York Post, The Hill (additional link here and here), Detroit News, NJ Biz, Fox and Hounds, American Bar Association Student division, Commercial Appeal, Blaze.

🤔 I also consult for various organizations and individuals, primarily regarding digital/social media strategy, automation and MS Word macros to make your life and work tasks easier/faster (tell me what repetitive tasks you do and I’ll see if I can automate), reputation management, digital/social media trainings for organizations, social and digital media professionals, and staff more broadly. I’m also skilled in writing, graphic design, messaging, and more. I will not let you hire me if I don’t think my services will be useful for you, but I might recommend someone who is a better fit for you.

I work on project or retainer basis, and I’m pretty flexible.

If you’re interested in hiring me or even just figuring out if I would be of help, email scweissmann [at] gmail.com.

🤝 I mentor lots of people. Always here to give career advice and help out people. Just email me. After reading my advice for jobseekers and interns here.

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👗 I design fabric at Spoonflower and sloth and Mitch McConnell ties at Zazzle.

📸 I sell photos on Shutterstock.

Also sloths. Always sloths.

Head digital media @RSI & policy fellow: Occupational licensing reform, SCOTUS, §230, social media regulation. Also in @FedSocRTP. Sewing📍#PeakBagger🏔